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Important Gate Upgrades

February 12, 2020
Important Gate Upgrades
We are implementing important improvements to facilitate traffic flow at Legion Gate. This announcement also includes the timetable for upgrading CRRA’s other gates.

Legion Road Gate

To minimize backups and make it easier for owners to enter quickly, we are making four changes at Legion Road Gate:
1.      The outside entry lane (on the right) is for Passport Remote Users only. We are removing the touch screen kiosk from that lane. Signage is being added to clearly designate that lane for Passport Remote Users Only.
2.      Central Monitoring can now converse with touch screen users on the inside entry lane. This should minimize delays from first-time visitors who are unfamiliar with the system. Signage is being added to designate that lane for Visitors and Vendors.
3.      We can now issue temporary visitor/vendor codes as soon as you request them. No more waiting.
4.      If you have an issue with your Passport Remote, you do not have to return to the POA. Simply email us at with your information or call us at 706-276-1060. We will re-active your Remote “remotely”. Pun intended.
Additionally, we have temporarily installed a touch screen kiosk at the POA front desk to assist owners and guests with any issues. We also are using that kiosk to test Passport Gate Remotes before they are issued.

Eagle Mountain, Ellington Road, and Main Gates:

All lessons learned from Legion Road are incorporated in our remaining gate implementation plan. For example, outside lanes will be for Passport Remotes only and inside Visitor/Vendor lanes will be the only lane with touch screens. In addition, we doing two things that circumstances did not permit at Legion Road:
1.      Long Range Readers will remain active on the INSIDE lane of each gate for 45 days after implementation of new gate equipment. This should ease the transition by providing time for you to obtain your Passport Remote at your convenience.
2.      All owners – whether you want a Passport Remote or not – are encouraged to fill out the contact information form on-line. This ensures we have your correct information in the system.
I’m pleased to announce that owners in all neighborhoods of CRRA can now order Passport Gate Remotes. Orders will be worked in order received. It could take up to a week to process your order. Please do not come to the POA to pick up your order until you receive a call that your order is ready.
Finally, the schedule for those other gates. A lot depends on weather, but these are our goals:
·        Eagle Mountain Gate – This Friday, February 14
·        Ellington Road Gate – Next Friday, February 21
·        Main Gate – February 28, the last Friday of the month.
To order your Passport Gate Remote; to update your information; or, to simply ask questions, please visit the following link:
Coosawattee River Resort

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