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Important Gate Announcement

Legion Road Gate Upgrade

This announcement only applies to Legion Gate. Upgrades to all other gates will be announced at later times.

On January 14th, 2020 Legion Gate suffered damage from a power surge. All entry control systems were destroyed as a result.  Replacement parts for the older components of the system are no longer manufactured.  As a result, we have accelerated implementation of improved access methods we have been working on for later this year.

Our staff has been working around the clock to install, configure and test new gate hardware at the Legion Road gate.  We are now ready to introduce the new system to owners, residents and visitors.

Please review the following information and to take note of important changes and actions needed by you.

Long Range Readers Are Discontinued:
Long Range Readers (activated by window decals) are replaced by Passport Gate Remotes (detailed in the next paragraph).  Do not remove your Long Range Reader decal yet! It will still be used to access other CRR gates until upgrades are complete.

Introducing Passport Gate Remotes:
Long Range Readers are being replaced with Passport Gate Remotes, a small keychain device that allows you to transfer it from vehicle to vehicle. Passport Gate Remotes also have no problem with newer vehicle windshields (many of which prevented Long Range Readers from working properly).

Passport Gate Remotes are $20.00 each. There is a transition plan for those who purchased Long Range Readers within the last 6 months.  If you purchased a Long Range Reader within the last 3 months, your Passport Gate remote is free. Within 4 to 6 months, the fee is $10.00.

To order your remote, visit and complete the Gate Information Update / Passport Gate Remote Order form or visit the POA. You will be notified via phone once your order is available for pickup at the POA.

If you do not want a Passport Gate Remote, you may use your Master Access Code (described below).

Introducing Owner Directory touch screen:
A new digital touch screen is now installed at the Legion Road gate. Your visitors can simply search for your name in the directory and use the touch screen to dial your preferred numbers. You have the ability to speak to your visitor and, if you approve of gate entry, simply press 9 on your phone to open the gate. To ensure your correct numbers are in the directory, please visit and complete the Gate Information Update / Passport Gate Remote Order form immediately.

Introducing Master Access Codes:
Each owner or tenant is assigned an Owner Access Code that allows you to enter the code on the digital touch screen to open the gate. All owners and residents are eligible to receive the code. To receive your access code, visit and complete the Gate Information Update / Passport Gate Remote Order form.

This is your personal code and should not be shared. Usage is tracked and if abused, will be permanently disabled.

MyQ Replaces Dwelling Live:
With the new upgrade, CRRA will no longer be using DwellingLive. The replacement, MyQ, is a very simple and effective system that allows you to send a temporary access code to your visitors. Your visitor’s access code is only valid for the duration of time you set when entering them into the system. You also have the ability to create a reoccurring visitor. All codes are sent to your visitor via email. Access to MyQ will be sent to you once you complete the Gate Information Update / Passport Gate Remote Order form located at

No Need to Call Central about Your Guest:
Calling a guest or visitor into Central is no longer needed under the new system.  (At this time, only for entry at Legion Road Gate.) A visitor selects your name from the directory and is immediately connected to your preferred telephone number. (You may also set up an alternate number that will be automatically called if the first number does not answer.)  Please inform your guest to use the new touch screen.

Please be sure to update your information immediately by visiting the Gate Information Update / Passport Gate Remote Order form located at

Frequently Asked Questions:
Detailed Frequently Asked Questions are available at

We do ask your cooperation in ensuring the transaction is seamless.
If you are an owner with a balance owed on your assessments, you are still eligible to have your name listed in the digital directory, assignment of Master Access Code, and access to MyQ. You will not be eligible to receive a Passport Gate Remote.

All owners can complete the form located at to pre-register for your passport. Owners living inside Legion Road Gate will take priority on issuance of Passports.

Important Dates:

1/20/2019 – Online pre-ordering of Passport Gate Remotes opens at
1/22/2019 – Issuance of Passport Gate Remotes begins at 10AM until 4PM at First Street Bath House.
1/23/2019 – Issuance of Passport Gate Remotes begins at 9AM at POA.
2/3/2019 – Legion Gate will return to normal operational hours of 6AM to 10PM.

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