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All Gate Upgrades are now complete.

Passport gate remotes now will open the outside “owners” lane at all 4 gates.

Guest or visitors must use the inside lanes.

Gate Manual:

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Gate Information Update / Passport Gate Remote Order Form:

To ensure all information contained in the new gate access system, we are encouraging all owners to complete the following form:

Click here to view & complete the form.

General Information:

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General Questions & Answers (10)

Simply put, this was not the plan. On January 14th we suffered permanent equipment damage from a major surge from Georgia Power. Replacement of the equipment is very costly, more than 50% than just upgrading the hardware to newer technology that all owners can benefit from. We have quietly been working and researching the most effective entry methods and can assure you that this plan was not thrown together in a day.

No! Actually, quite the contrary. We are introducing many new access methods that will reduce the backlog at all gates. We are addressing all visitor types with the new upgrades and our goal is to provide seamless access, for all.

No. The upgraded system is much cheaper to maintain in terms of technology, maintenance and staff.

Yes. The new system offers many levels of redundancy built in to allow the association the ability to failover to backup hardware at no additional cost.

In 2019 the association replaced all gate operators. The operators were replaced due to wear and tear. The access system that is being replaced at legion is not part of the openers. In fact, parts of the access system is over 10 years old.

Replacing an entire gate entry system for a POA as large as CRR is not an easy feat. Many software companies will not work with an association as large as us. We have to prioritize our maintenance and upgrades. Our operators were in much need of replacement.

True. The association did upgrade openers in 2015. The openers lasted longer than the expected rated
duty cycle. We upgraded the openers with a brand more suitable for our high demand usage in 2019, resulting in a lower operating cost. Replacement parts are widely available for the new openers.

Configuration, installation, support and maintenance is all completed with CRRA Staff.

With such a large project as this, there are many opportunities for information to be miscommunicated. The intent of this article is to better inform our owners of the facts while providing useful information.

Not without your help! We need your feedback, good or bad! We have been closely monitoring your feedback for the past year and feel we are offering the most cost-effective solution while providing our owners the most access features. Again, WE WANT YOUR FEEDBACK! Email us at

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Master Access Code:

Every owner & resident will receive a Master Access Code. Your Master Access Code is a randomly generated 8 digit number that when entered, will open the desired gate. Abuse of access code will result in permanent deactivation.  All owners and residents are eligible to receive a code.

Click the following link to see important Frequently Asked Questions.

Master Access Codes (7)

Your master access code will be available within 48 business hours  after you have completed the information update form or order your passport remotes. Customer service will contact you on the telephone number(s) you provided.

Complete the information update form located at POA staff will contact you within 2 business days.

It is recommended to not share your Master Access Code with anyone. All entries are recorded. In the event damage to property or a crime takes place, the owner’s lot associated with the Master Access Code will be held liable.

Master Access Codes are randomly generated and cannot be shortened.

Yes. Although you are eligible for a Master Access Code, you will not be able to receive a Passport Gate Remote. Any accounts in arrears are encouraged to contact our accounting department.

No. Master Access Codes do not expire.

No. Master Access Codes are only available to owners, residents and contractors. Please contact customer service to request access to myQ. Once enrolled, you will have access to send your visitors a temporary code.

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Passport Gate Remotes:

Residents who are current in assessments may obtain a Passport Gate Remote. The new Passport Gate Remote is programmed to open the outside lane at Legion. Your remote will open additional gates once upgrades have been completed. Each remote is assigned to the respective owner or tenant and will be deactivated for abuse. Owners, Tenants, or vendors who have purchased a Long Range Reader in the past 3 months are eligible to receive a free Passport Gate Remote. Long Range Readers purchased in the last 3-6 months will receive ½ off. Since Passport Gate Remotes are portable, a limit of 1 per owner or tenant applies.

Click the following link to see important Frequently Asked Questions.

Passport Gate Remotes (9)

No. You can leave your keys in the ignition and simply press the button. The Passport remote is powerful enough to open the gate without line of sight.

No. Passport Gate Remotes are only available to owners, tenants and contractors in good standing. Any accounts in arrears are encouraged to contact our accounting.

Yes. In the event you lose or your Passport Gate Remote is stolen, please contact the POA immediately. As with Master Access Codes, use of the Passport Gate Remote is recorded. Property damage or violations associated with the Passport Gate Remote will results with the owner being liable. Always contact the POA in the event you cannot find you’re remote so we may deactivate it.

No. Only one Passport Gate Remote is allowed per owner or tenant. Remotes are designed to attach to your keychain enabling you to use within multiple vehicles.

Of course your teen can purchase a Passport Gate Remote. Simply complete the information update form located at

Passport Gate Remotes cost $20.00 each. If you have purchased a Long Range Reader within the last 3 months, the Passport Gate Remote is free. If your Long Range Reader purchase was within 3-6 months, you will receive ½ off.

The battery has roughly a one to two year life expectancy. The battery is a standard CR2032 battery available at most retail stores.

Your Passport Gate Remote will automatically start to open other gates once they are upgraded.

Your Passport Gate Remote will always open the outside lane (Owner Entrance) at all gates. In the event the gate becomes inoperable, the remote will failover to the inside lane until repairs are made.

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Long Range Readers:

Long Range Readers have been discontinued for Legion Gate. Owners, Residents and Vendors who have an active Long Range Reader may continue to use for entry into other gates. Once all gates have been upgraded, they will be deactivated.

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Long Range Readers (5)

Our long ranger reader system is aging. Many components are over 10 years old. In addition, the vehicle decals supported by our platform are only manufactured by two companies and becoming very difficult to obtain, often resulting in the POA running out of inventory.

Great Question! The technology behind long range readers is archaic, in technology years. Many new vehicles have a coating in the windshield that render the decals unreadable. The cost to maintain the current system is not feasible when the technology does not work with many owners vehicles.

Yes! Your long range reader will still work at other gates until the gate is upgraded.

Visit the POA and request your access code as well as purchase a Passport Gate Remote if you see fit.

No! We have always provided access for emergency vehicles. We are in close communication with county officials and have multiple layers of access for first responders. County officials are very excited for the ease of access with the new upgrades.

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Community Directory:

Our new entry system includes a digital community directory. All owners and tenants first and last name are loaded in the directory. When a visitor arrives to the property, the driver will be prompted to enter your name or directory code or simply find your name in the directory. Once your name is selected, the Community Directory will automatically call you. You will have the ability to speak to the guest and either grant or deny access.

Click the following link to see important Frequently Asked Questions.

Community Directory (5)

Complete the Gate Information Update Form located at Once completed, POA staff will update your information within 48 hours.

The new system supports two numbers per directory name. If you are unable to answer your primary number the system will automatically dial your secondary number.

After the visitor identifies themselves and you wish to grant access, simply push number 9 on your phone. The gate will open.

After the visitor identifies themselves and you wish to deny access, simply hang up the call.

With the new entry system, we do not store any information that could not be found in public records. In fact, public records show more information that we store in the gate entry system. All data stored is encrypted with industry standard encryption and is protected by multiple firewalls.

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Guest Call-ins:

As with any new system, procedures do change. Guest call-ins are also changing.

Calling a guest into central is no longer needed if you use Legion Road Gate. A visitor would simply select your name in the directory and the system will place a phone call to your predefined telephone numbers.

Central will not have the ability to record your guest if you live inside legion. Please instruct your guest to use the new touch screen.

Click the following link to see important Frequently Asked Questions.

Guest Call-ins (3)

Eliminating the guest call in reduces wait times at the gates as well as the need for you to call your guest into central. In addition, ID checks are not needed as you are aware if you are expecting a visitor or not.

Category: Guest Call-ins

If you have a reoccurring visitor, simply request access to myQ by calling customer service. Once logged in, you can create a reoccurring visitor entry that will send your visitor a code that will allow access on schedule that you define.

Category: Guest Call-ins

We do listen to your concerns and also see the long delays at the gates. With being one
of the largest communities in the United States, we must adapt to new technology and process changes. The guest call in system we utilized was very inefficient and often troublesome for our owners.

Category: Guest Call-ins

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MyQ Guest Entry Tutorial Video

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