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CRRA Election Results


CRRA Election Results

Good Afternoon CRRA owners,

This morning the Nominating Committee and a couple staff went to Atlanta to verify our election results.
Here is how the process works:

Our independent accounting firm, Mauldin & Jenkins CPAs, receives the ballots. Two counts are performed. Discrepancies, if any, are reconciled.

We (representatives of the Nominating Committee and CRRA management) then arrive and do a 3rd count of all ballots received to insure the count is accurate, there are no duplicates and that all ballots cast are from owners in good standing. All counts are compared and any discrepancy is investigated.

The official count of final results for each neighborhood is a joint determination of the independent auditors and the CRRA team.

Below are the winning candidates for each neighborhood and the vote count.

Subdivision Candidate # of Votes
Eagle Mountain Anne Stephens 184
  Robert Stevens 38
  Enrique Bertran 25
  James Butler 1
Beaver Forest Joseph Elkins 45
  David Bennett 8
Beaver Lake Susan Marino 53
Villas Steven Creech 27
EM Campground Annette Hill 37
Brad Simmons 6
Rhonda Ponder 4
Earl Bruce 3
Enrique Bertran 1

To all of you that participated in this important process, Thank you.


Rick Tanner
General Manager
Coosawattee River Resort