Coosawattee River Resort


Gate Malfunction Issues

Please let us know if you are experiencing problems with one of our Gates.

These gates operate based upon information entered into our system by POA Staff when you are issued Long Range Reader Tags. If you have been issued a Long Range Reader Tag (LRR) please allow a day or two to make sure that it has been activated into your name. If you still have an issue, please contact the front desk (706-276-1060 x 221) to let them know you are having problems. It might be something that we can handle without you coming to the office. Most likely we will deactivate and then reactivate your LRR tag. If this doesn't work, you will probably have to come into the office to have a replacement LRR tag affixed to your vehicle. Depending upon related issues, you may have to purchase the replacement LRR tag.

If you feel that the gate is malfunctioning, please contact the Enforcement Office at 706-276-1060 x 230 to report the problem. Since the gates are not manned 24/7, sometimes we do not realize that a problem or issue is occurring more than intermittent or sporadically, so we do appreciate your telling us of the issue and letting us know the specific circumstances.

Coosawattee River Resort