Coosawattee River Resort


Annual Dues Reduced

I am pleased to announce that on Saturday the Board adopted a budget for next fiscal year (beginning May 1) that reduces your annual dues to $634.

I am even more pleased to explain how we achieved that $39 reduction from the current $673. First of all, we have more dues-paying owners this year. That is largely attributable to last year’s lot sales promotion. We also have steadily increased rental revenue that offsets the amount we would otherwise have to get from dues.

More important, on the expense side we implemented a cost-saving program of doing renovation work in-house that we used to contract out. Visit the Fireplace Room for a recent example. We reorganized the staff for greater efficiency. And we are always seeking the best deals for everything we buy.

Does a tighter budget mean we don’t have ambitious plans? Not at all! Here is some of what’s coming in the new fiscal year:
  • Paving Matrix, Pacer, Monticello, Rhapsody, Medina, Spaulding and Brunton;
  • A new bridge at the foot of Villa Drive;
  • Complete kitchen renovation at the Water Tower;
  • More Villas renovated and upgraded;
  • Tennis courts resurfaced;
  • Security camera system expanded;
  • Electronic lock program completed;
  • Dog park relocated and renovated;
  • Improved handicapped access and showers at Rec Center;
  • More culverts replaced;
  • Lots of exterior painting;
  • More road repairs; and, a lot more!

Many of these ideas came from owners who participated in our workshops. Thank you! Not every suggestion made this year’s cut, but we are still looking for ways to address all your ideas.

Keep ‘em coming!

Rick Tanner
General Manager
Coosawattee River Resort