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2019 Ballots and Proxies

2019 Ballots and Proxies
If You Did Not Receive Your Ballot or Proxy

Once again, I have learned that social media is abuzz with misinformation that I need to correct. This time it is about CRRA’s election process. Once again, it is remarkable to me that almost no such complaints are coming directly to me or the POA. Apparently it is more fun to go on social media alleging a Stalinist conspiracy to rig the election.

Ballot cards and proxy cards were mailed on June 26 to all owners in good standing as of the close of business on June 7 (this year’s extended deadline for paying your assessment). “Good standing” means no money owed to the Association.

Ballots and proxies are associated with lots. Each lot gets one vote (regardless of the number of owners of that lot). Mailers were sent to the address that we currently have on file for the owner listed first for each lot. Separate postage-paid cards were enclosed for your ballot and your proxy.

The ballot card is addressed to the independent CPA firm Mauldin & Jenkins. It is due in their office by Monday, July 22. Ballots are neighborhood-specific. If, for example, you live in Eagle Mountain, the ballot only lists those candidates for Eagle Mountain. There is also a line to write in a name if you choose.

We are not going to disqualify a ballot for misspelling a name. M&J will still count your ballot if you write in “Bob Frankenstien” when the correct spelling is “Robert Frankenstein”. Of course, Mr. Frankenstein does have to be an owner in good standing to be elected.

No candidate filed for the Beaver Bend seat this year. Consequently, there is no ballot for Beaver Bend. At the first meeting of the new Board on August 17, there will be an announcement of the vacancy and an invitation for Beaver Bend owners to apply for the seat.

Proxy cards are needed to establish a quorum for the Annual Meeting. They are addressed to the POA office. Alternatively, they may be turned in at the Annual Meeting. In either case, the deadline for proxies is Saturday, August 10.

If you did not receive the ballot/proxy mailer and are in good standing, it may be a problem with your address. Please call the POA office at 706-276-1060. You can pick up the missing items in person. If you can’t come to the office, we will do everything possible to get your ballot and proxy to you as quickly as possible.

Rick Tanner, General Manager
Coosawattee River Resort

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